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Tactical Box 29-17

February 19, 2015


Late Thursday evening, Tactical Box 29-17 was struck for the house fire. Chief 29 (Bean) arrived with a working fire. Engine 29 (DC-Fuchs) laid in and went in service with a 2 inch hand line to the interior. DC-29 (Fuchs) reported a fire in the rear with extension into the attic. Ladder 29 (Capt Woodring) went to work with ground ladders and ventilation. Engine 78 (Capt Hedricks) and Engine 92 arrived pulled a second hand line to supplemented first arriving crews. Crews had heavy fire throughout the attic. Montco Station 18 provided the RIT. FMs on location for the investigation. Ladder 79 Montco, Engine 15-1, Montco Ladder 15, and Special Service 93 asiisted with manpower. We liked to extend our thanks to all of the mutual aid who came out and bared the extreme cold temperatures to fight this blaze. Also, a sincere thank you to the management and staff at the Warrington Wawa at 611 and Maple Ave for providing several gallons of warm coffee for the first responders on scene it was much appreciated.




Crews Assist Medic 129

February 17, 2015


After the snow had stopped in the Warrington area crews from station 29 and 78 were dispatched to the Bradford Dam site to assist medic 129. Crews established a landing zone for a medical helicopter to land and assisted medic 129 with patient transport to the helicopter.



Rescue Box 66-08

February 15, 2015


Crews from station 29 were dispatched to assist station 66 with an auto extrication on York Road in front of the Giant. Crews arrived on scene with one patient entrapped. Crews from both rescue 29 and 66 went in service with removal of both the driver and rear door. Patient was extricated in 9 minutes and handed over to ems for care.



Help Us Help You!

January 25, 2015


After any significant snow fall, please help us help you by clearing out the snow from around any hydrants near your home or business. The time saved by not having emergency crews clear the snow first will be crucial in the event of an emergency. Thank you for your help.


Welcome Home Captain 29

January 13, 2015


We are very happy to have Capt 29 and Baltimore Police Officer Andrew Groman back with us. Last month, Officer Groman was shot in the line of duty and spent intensive amount of time in the hospital. He is currently back home and starting physical therapy. Welcome Home Capt!


Squad 78 Assist Station 34

Januar 6, 2015


After members from station 29 and 78 finished their weekly drill, Squad 78(Lt. Hughes) and Battalion 78 (Tim Campbell) were dispatched to cover station 34, while they operated on box 34-02. Battalion 78 and Squad 78 were later called in to the scene to assist. Crews went in service on side C with roof operations and extensive overhaul. Crews returned and were back in service at 02:30



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